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  • 荷李活道警察宿舍(中央書院/皇仁書院原址)
  • 市區重建局嘉咸街/卑利街(H18)發展項目
  • 市區重建局士丹頓街/永利街(H19)發展項目
  • 發展商在低密度的蘇豪區內興建高密度的商業樓宇
  • 香港賽馬會就中區警署古蹟群提出的發展活化方案
  • 港鐵西港島線

中西區關注組的召集人羅雅寧及John Batten均為區內居民,在區內居住多年,熱愛這區豐富的歴史文化和緊密的鄰里關係。






Central & Western Concern Group

Graham Steet Market Festival sign

The Central & Western Concern Group advocates good urban planning and better heritage conservation in Hong Kong and is specifically involved in information- giving to the public; organizing our own community initiatives and activities; meeting government officials; making strongly-researched submissions to government and statutory planning authorities; and, initiating applications to the Town Planning Board under the provisions of the Town Planning Ordinance.

Since the demolition of the Star Ferry Building in Central, the public has become increasingly concerned and vocal about how our city is being developed. Such issues as: disregard to the heritage of areas and groups of buildings; air pollution; air ventilation corridors; traffic congestion; lack of open space and sunlight; the height and mass of new property developments; and, the demolition of large tracts of Hong Kong’s older urban areas show that present urban planning policies do NOT take a holistic approach to development nor actually improve our daily living.

The Central & Western Concern Group has made significant representations about:

  • the site of the former Central School and Queen’s College at the Former Married Police Quarters on the corner of Hollywood Road & Aberdeen Street
  • the Urban Renewal Authority’s Graham Street Market (H18) development
  • the Urban Renewal Authority’s Staunton Street / Wing Lee Street (H19) development
  • the building of commercial buildings in the traditional low-rise/residential SOHO area
  • Central Police Station development proposal by the Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • the Central to Western MTR Line

The convenors of the Central & Western Concern Group are: Katty Law and John Batten; both residents of the area.

Contact:   centralandwestern@yahoo.com